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Service Guarantee

We guarantee your complete satisfaction with every service we provide. If you are less than 100% satisfied with one of Executive Turf Care’s services, we will repeat that service FREE of charge.

Refunds: Executive Turf Care does not offer refunds for services that have already been performed. However, we will repeat the service at no charge if the service is not acceptable to the customer.

Fuel Surcharge: Services quoted do not include the fuel surcharge.

Terms & Conditions

Standard terms for Executive Turf Care are payment is due 10 days from date of service (Net 10 Days). Standard terms may be revoked or delayed in cases where payment is chronically late or credit limits have been exceeded. Executive Turf Care allows a 10 day grace period after the invoice due date. After the grace period, a $5.00 monthly late fee will be applied to the overdue balance. An interest charge of 1.5% per month may also be added to all past due accounts. Any valid reason for disputing any portion of an invoice must be submitted to Executive Turf Care within (7) calendar days of receipt of invoice by client. If no such notification is given, the invoice will be deemed valid. By authorizing service from Executive Turf Care, you agree to all of the Terms and Policies set out in this document. You must pay in U.S. dollars by credit card check or check. The outstanding balance is due in full each payment period. We may, in our discretion, accept partial payments, which will be applied to the oldest outstanding charges on your account. We reserve the right not to do any scheduled or other further services until your account is paid in full. If you fail to pay for your account for 30 days after the date of the invoice, Executive Turf Care may without further notice terminate your account. Termination does not remove your responsibility to pay all fees incurred up to the date Executive Turf Care terminates your account. If Executive Turf Care incurs any fees or costs in collecting any past-due amounts, including costs of attorneys or a collection bureau, those fees and costs will be added to the amount you owe.

Returned checks: Any check returned by the issuing institution will be charged a processing fee of $25.00. Any billing refused or charged-back by your credit card company or issuing bank will result in a handling charge of $25.00.

The service is provided to you on a continuous basis. If you want to terminate the service, you must provide Executive Turf Care with written notice of termination (which may be first-class mail or by e-mail.) The customer retains the right to cancel pre-paid services but if service is canceled before completing an entire program, a refund will be given minus the discount already taken for completed services.

Changes to Terms and Conditions: We reserve the right to change these terms, including our fees and charges, from time to time. You always have the right to cancel your Service at any time if the terms are not acceptable to you. If you do not cancel your Service within 30 days, your continued receipt of the Service will constitute acceptance of the changed terms.

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